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How to spy on Blackberry messenger to protect your love ones?

blackberry surveillanceSpying on Blackberry messenger isn't as complex as people may believe. You only need to purchase the right Blackberry surveillance program and then you are ready to go. In fact bbm spy apps have been readily available for download since 2009. It is just that the programs are not promoted intensely so you may never learn about their existence through your regular browsing. The great thing about these programs is that from the time you buy them you will get immediate access to download the product. The only thing which you have to do next would be to gain access to the smart phone to download the app through the internet browser and setup. Within a few minutes it is possible to spy on Blackberry messenger and see every single chat on the phone. This is even if the conversation was erased.

All of the monitored Blackberry messenger chat logs will be available to you via the software's main server website. You will just need to log on with your user name and password and everything will be there for you. Therefore it is possible spy on bbm chat from virtually anywhere and anytime providing you have access to the internet. In other words you will never have to touch that phone again or be in the same country to know what is going on with that particular phone user.

Another great thing about this software is that you will not only be able to do intercept bbm. Typically you will get additional functions such as the ability to monitor text messages, phones call history, gps tracking etc. Therefore; with a combination of features you will virtually get a holistic view of what is going on with the user of the phone. For example; you will know what the person is talking about via bbm and also where they are located through the gps tracking feature. The more you can find out the closer you will be to the truth you seek.

On the market today there are two main Blackberry Messenger spy software. Mobistealth currently is rated number one between them. It has been on the market for sometime and has gained quite a reputation for the number of features and also pricing structure. Basically its price varies to suit different person's pocket. The price ranges between $39.99 to $149.99USD but be aware that only the Pro version allow you to monitor Blackberry messenger. The most popular features offered by this product are gps tracking; call logging; spy phone calling (listen into the environment of the phone); video and call logging and more. As you can see quite a bit of information will be revealed about the user of the phone.

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The software which takes second place is Stealthgenie. It has similar features to Mobistealth Blackberry keylogger and more which makes it even more appealing. The additional features carried by this program which its competitor does not have are remote control of the device (e.g. lock, unlock, stop stealthgenie etc); sim change notifications; BB pin message monitoring; keyword trigger (notified when a particular word is used in communications) and data backup of the system. In all these functions are very appealing to some individuals and can add additional details about the person you are keeping tabs on. The price as you can imagine is a bit more, ranging from $89.99 to $159.99USD. You must take note that when you are purchasing this product only Stealthgenie gold allows spying on Blackberry messenger.

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Blackberry Messenger spy software | What are the best apps to spy on bbm?

blackberry messenger spyWhen you are ready to pick a Blackberry messenger spy application you only have a few options. The choice lies with two applications which are Mobistealth and Stealthgenie. In terms of monitoring Blackberry messenger both of these are on par with each other. However with any surveillance application you will not be limited to one particular feature. Therefore although your primary purpose of purchasing this software is to spy on bbm you will get additional features in the package. These functions include call interception; sms monitoring and more. Overall these add-ons do assist with you achieving your goal which is to determine the truth about the user of the phone.

You must remember the more features you would like with your Blackberry messenger spy the more you have to pay generally. In comparing the two programs Mobistealth pro wins in terms of features and price. Stealthgenie Blackberry keylogger however have one coveted features which is call interception and that is the ability to listen in to cell phone conversation. This is considered a premium feature in which you cannot miss out on anything. However premium features will cost you more. The best advice when choosing a bbm spy application is to choose one which you think will get the job done. After all the cost you will pay comparison to not knowing the truth is small. For example if your spouse is cheating you may eventually get an incurable disease so think about how much that may cost you in the long run.

Blackberry messenger spy software reviews

Below is an overview of each application and also major features.

1# Mobistealth Pro is currently the most popular software when spying on Blackberry messenger. It comes in three different versions which are Lit, Pro and Prox.

Major Features: call recording, gps tracking, reverse phone lookup service, photo logging, text message and email monitoring, contact details (see all contacts and corresponding numbers) and spy phone calling (this is the ability to listen to the surroundings of the phone for example lunch room chats etc)

Price range: $39.99 to $149.99USD with a ten day warranty (note Lite version has no bbm spy)

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2# Stealthgenie is the next best Blackberry messenger spy app. It has more features than Mobistealth but because of that you it would cost a bit more otherwise these two would be on par. The different in choice depends on your situation and the little extra bucks may be worth it by far.

Major Features: call recording, blackberry gps tracking; text message and email logging; spy phone calling; remote control functionality (lock, unlock and wipe) via sms messages; listen to music; photo logging; video capturing; blackberry pin monitoring and sim change notifications .

Price range: $89.99 to $159.99USD (only the Gold version offers the ability to monitor bbm)

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Symptoms that you have Blackberry Messenger spy software on your phone

spy on blackberry messenger

Your first indication that someone has installed Blackberry messenger spy software on your mobile usually comes from the person who is doing the spying themselves. Typically it is hinted in some form of action or accusation concerning things which they could not know about. However, you are certain that you had communicated the information at some time during a bbm chat, text message or even over the cell phone (out of the person’s presence). If you are absolutely certain this is the case then you need to pay attention to your mobile phone for symptoms that a Blackberry messenger spy app is installed.

The key indicators of the presence Blackberry spy software vary depending on what features and which software is actually installed. When dealing with a monitoring application then some of the typical indicators are:

Quick battery drain: When intercepting bbm messages and other activities the program must upload the records to the software’s main webpage. This communication actually causes the drain and you will definitely notice that the battery life is no where what it used to be. You may just chalk it up to having a defective battery but even with a new one you will see little improvements.

Increased data charges: When the product is communicating with its main web server it will use up your data package in doing so. Therefore you may notice the cost go up however you are not doing anything different from the prior month.

Flashing Lights: When there is a message or the mobile is communicating usually many phones have an indicator of some type. However this indication is on even when it is not suppose to be.

Unusual clicks: If the person who is monitoring is trying to intercept your phone call he or she must dial into your mobile to change the conversation from a two way to three way one. You will actually hear an unusual click at that point of connection.  If it is happening regularly then chances are someone is monitoring your Blackberry.

What to do if you think someone is spying on your Blackberry messenger and other mobile activities?

The best action is to take your phone into a local repair center and get it wiped clean and start from scratch again. If the symptoms go away then you will be in the clear again. It won't be possible for the person to intercept bbm chats or other mobile activities unless the software is reinstalled on your phone again. If you are interested in finding out more about the software used to monitor your Blackberry then read the review articles below:

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