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FAQ | Blackberry messenger spy frequently asked questions

What is the best app presently to spy on Blackberry messenger?

Currently the best bbm spy on the market is Mobistealth Pro. This is based on price and additional features offered with its package. Therefore you will not only be able to monitor Blackberry messenger but you will also be able to track the Blackberry phone via gps, intercept text messages, log all phone calls, listen to the surroundings around the phone and more. It cost between $39.99 to $149.99USD and it is quite easy to use. If you want more information about this program .

Do you need physical access to use this technology?

Yes, you definitely need physical access because on the market today there is no app with remote installation.


How does bbm spy software work?

Blackberry messenger spy software need to be installed onto the phone you are monitoring. If you can't get access to the particular phone then it will virtually be impossible to use this type of surveillance software. When you do get physical access to the phone will just have to download the program via the web browser and install. This process usually takes less than ten minutes to complete. After completion you will have to log on to the main spy website with your unique user name and password. All the information will then be displayed to you in your account.

Is monitoring Blackberry messenger illegal?

No, this software is quite legal but it can be used for illegal purposes. Stalking persons is out of the question and these apps are not designed for that purpose. However if you have legitimate reason for monitoring a cell phone like a parent or employer would it is perfectly legal. Since regulations change from area to area it is best to speak to someone in law enforcement before you decide to proceed install any Blackberry keylogger.

Can I spy on any Blackberry phone?

You should be able to spy on any phone providing the software supports it's O/S. Typically you will have a list of compatible phones available on the website of the product you are purchasing. If you still are unsure then contact customer support as a last resort.


How to use special software to spy on bbm

Do you want to learn how to spy on bbm? Does someone you know have a Blackberry and you are curious to discover what is actually going on with them but you are unsure how to do it. Do not worry because this short tutorial will teach you how to monitor bbm without the person having a clue to what you are doing. You will no longer have to wait till they are sleeping to pry through their Blackberry chat or wonder if the person deleted the incriminating evidence. There is technology out there known as Blackberry messenger spy software or spyware which is specifically designed to undertake the task of spying on bbm for you.

Blackberry spyware has been around for some time and there are a few decent apps out there which are truly worth paying for. However, there are only two which will allow you to monitor Blackberry messenger which will make a significant difference when it comes to the information gathered. This is especially if the person does not use text messaging as a form of communication. In terms of purchasing a bbm spy app there is just a few things which you need to take into consideration before you go to purchase.

The first thing you should know is whether you will have access to the cell phone because the surveillance software used must be installed onto the smart phone in question. It usually takes a few minutes however, if it not possible to get this time then you will have to find an alternative method to monitor that smart phone. The next point you must be aware of before purchasing an app is to ensure that it is compatible with the Blackberry phone you would like to spy on. For obvious reasons if it is not compatible then it will not work when it comes time for you to use it. Worst case scenario is that it will cause error messages on the phone alerting the person that something is up. Once you have these two bases covered then it is time to register for the respective program.

The best software you can use when spying on bbm is Mobistealth. This app is the most popular Blackberry surveillance app you will find on the internet today. It does not only good when it comes to monitoring bbm but also much more. You will also be able to track the Blackberry; intercept it text messages; see all pictures taken by the mobile; phone contact details and more. The best part is that it offers a wide price range making it affordable to many people especially those on a limited budget.

To find out more about Mobistealth pro


Blackberry phone spy software

blackberry spy appsIt is a fact that Blackberry phone spy software have been around for some time now. This stems from the fact that Blackberry is one of the most popular phones in the world today. It is compact, stylish and loaded with many features. Since it is very popular you find that there is a heavy demand for useful applications and Blackberry spyware is no different. People use blackberry phone spy software for various reasons. It maybe to keep track of their partner because of suspected infidelity. It maybe to monitor their teens or even employees. Whatever the reason maybe you will be assured that the person being monitored will never know you can see what is going on with their phone.

The only challenge you may have with the software is actually installing it on the actual phone you wish to monitor. There is no spy software for Blackberry phones which can do a remote installation. You must get physical access for a short space of time to download and setup the app. When you have completed it successfully you will be able to view all the communications captured by logging on your personal profile.

What can you monitor with Blackberry phone spy app?

There are many things which you can do with this type of program for example you can listen into phone conversations, spy on Blackberry messenger; intercept sms messages (read the content) and even more. One of the most popular features around is the gps tracking feature. This feature will tell you the exact location of the phone within a few feet. You will be given a map of the area with streets, buildings and places of interest names. A marker will be used to identify the exact location of the mobile. Therefore if he says he is at school and the map says otherwise then you will know what to do.

As you may realize you will have a wide selection in terms of functions offered. The rule is however the more you want then the more you will have to pay for the respective Blackberry spy app.

What is the best spy software for Blackberry?

Currently on the market the top blackberry phone spy app is Mobistealth. It has all the features necessary to monitor any Blackberry phone. This includes a Blackberry messenger spying, sms interception; call logging; picture logging; email capturing; reverse phone look up, gps tracking and more. It is available in two options which are Lite and Pro. The Lite version contains the most basic features while the pro contains the advance ones as well. The great part is that this product price is in the reach of everyone's pocket. It starts at $39.99 and goes as high as $149.99USD.

If you would like more information about this surveillance app then


Blackberry messenger monitoring software

monitoring blackberry messenger

Are you looking for a good Blackberry messenger monitoring software? For whatever reason you may have by reading this article you will be on your way to spying on bbm communications of that person's mobile phone.If you are wondering, maybe you are going too far then don't be. There are many justifiable reasons people use Blackberry messenger monitoring software and surveillance apps on a whole. The core purpose is to discover the truth about the person you are concerned about.

Generally, asking the person usually lead you down the road of half truth answers or complete lies. For example, if someone is stealing from you then you can bet they would deny it to the grave. Likewise, when confronting a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend you will still be going down the same road of lies unless you have evidence. This is why a Blackberry messenger spy is so important because it will give you the evidence you are searching for. You would never have to go to such measures if the person was honest.

Let's face it we all like to do things which make us feel good or is beneficial to us but when asked about dealing with the consequences then we tend to shy away. In the minds of these persons mentioned earlier they do not want to deal with consequences whether it is going to jail or breaking up a long term relationship.

Is Blackberry messenger monitoring software easy to use?

Monitoring Blackberry messenger chat is pretty simple and straight forward providing you have minimum knowledge on how to install a blackberry app. As you may know, installing any kind of application on this smart phone takes a relatively short period of time. This type of program is no different, you just download, install and configure certain settings. The critical setting you must ensure to do is to link the spy program to your user profile. This would have to be done (unless embedded) to ensure that the messages captured are sent to you. Therefore the only thing you will have to do now to spy on bbm chat is to log on to your profile. There you will see all the information gathered for that time.

Since the information captured by the Blackberry messenger monitoring app is stored on a database on the main server you will be able to search and manipulate the records accordingly. Also since this Blackberry spy app uses the internet this means you will be able to look at the records from any place in the world and at anytime.

Which software is best to monitor Blackberry messenger?

On the market today Mobistealth is actually best application you can find when dealing with intercepting bbm chat. It is quite affordable and it also have additional features such as Blackberry gps tacking, spy phone calling (listen to the surroundings of the phone), sms interception, call logging, picture logging and much more. The price range for this product is between $39.99 and $149.99USD.

If you would like to know more about this Blackberry messenger monitoring app then


Blackberry messenger keylogger software

Blackberry keyloggerDo you need access to a Blackberry messenger keylogger to monitor bbm chats of your love ones or employees? It is no worry because after finishing this article you will be a Blackberry keylogger pro.  The whole process actually takes about ten minutes and after you have completed the setup you will be able see every keystroke that is made by that particular Blackberry on bbm. The best part of the whole process is that the person won’t have a clue that their activities are being monitored.  The only way for them to know what is going on is by you telling them what you are doing.

Therefore if you suspect their is infidelity in the home or maybe someone is leading your teen astray you will easily discover the truth by using a Blackberry messenger keylogger. This is especially if the person in question uses this service extensively as a substitute for talking and communicating in general.

How does a Blackberry messenger keylogger works?

This technology operates pretty simple after you have purchased the spy application you must then download and configure the app on to the phone you wish to monitor. It is nothing complicated it is just like installing any other bb app and that takes literally a few minutes. Once everything is configured you would then need to go to your web account (which is created on purchase of the app). You will then be transported to the area where all of your records are kept. In this area you will be able to search and sort through the conversations. Since all the logs and information is stored on the internet you will also be able to access it anytime providing you have an internet connection. Therefore you can be out of town and still have an idea of what is happening home.

Although the software you are looking at is a keylogger for Blackberry messenger it is not limited to only that one function. The app we will show you will have additional features in which when you put together with the ability to spy bbm you will have a total picture of the situation you will be dealing with. There are no Blackberry surveillance application on the market which does this one function alone.

What are the recommended key logger for Blackberry messenger?

Currently Mobistealth is the number one Blackberry messenger keylogger today. As mentioned earlier with these types of program you will not be limited to monitoring bbm communications. There are a number of other functions which include:

  • Intercepting text messages
  • Blackberry tracking
  • Call logging
  • Cell phone reverse lookup (A service who tell you the owner of the particular mobile)
  • Picture recording
  • Surroundings listening
  • Calendar events logging

These are just a few and it depends on which package you purchase and the subscription. The price ranges from just under $40.00USD and up.

If you are interested in finding out more about this spyware product then 


How to track a Blackberry phone effectively without the person’s knowledge

tracking a blackberry

Do you need to track a Blackberry phone to discover what the owner is really up to? Do you want to know the location of your kids or teens at all times or your spouse or employee. Whatever, the reason maybe, by the end of this article you will be monitoring that phone’s every move. Everything starts with acquiring a Blackberry tracking software which will do all the surveillance for you. The great thing about this technology is that it is hidden in the background so the person is unaware that they are being tracked. Therefore they will continue doing what they were doing the only difference is that you will be fully aware of what is actually going on.

You won’t have to get in your car and follow the person because you will be supplied with a google map of their location like the one below. As you may realise the map supplies you with everything you need to track a Blackberry. This includes roads, parks and places of interest so that you would know exactly where that person is. The indicator tells you gps location of the phone within a few feet.

gps location map

How does the software used for tracking a Blackberry works?

The only major pre requisite for this software to actually work is that the smart phone has a gps chip. This chip captures the phone gps coordinates based on signals from satellites orbiting the earth. When these coordinates have been captured you can then plug them into programs like google earth and you will know your exact location. This is done automatically when you log on to that particular website. It will interface with your smart phone, read the coordinates and display them on a map which makes more sense.

Blackberry tracking software works on the same principle as this. Once it is installed on the phone you wish to monitor a copy of these coordinates will be sent to your tracking account as well secretly. The next step is for the coordinates to be converted into a map form. This is done quite easily by an interface with the same google maps and now the person's coordinates will be displayed for you to see. The great part is that you can logging to your tracking account from anywhere in the world providing you have internet access.

What app should I use to track a Blackberry?

Currently on the market today Mobistealth is the best app available for tracking a Blackberry's location. You will however not be limited only to that feature but you will be able to do other things such as spy on bbm chat, text messages, calls made and received and more. The great part is that this software starting  price is $39.99 and you will be able to do all the Blackberry surveillance your heart desires.

For more information about this software you can


Free Blackberry Spy Software – Quick tutorial on where you can get a free Blackberry spyware downloads

Right now the only free Blackberry spy app on the market today is called Mobile Spy. This software is actually one of flagship cell phone spy program on the market today. It can spy on Blackberry, iphone, ipad, Symbian and virtually any other type of smart phone. The key features of this Blackberry surveillance program are:

  • bbm monitoring
  • Blackberry PIN message recording
  • im monitoring (yahoo, msn, gtalk etc)
  • Text messages spying
  • Gps tracking
  • Picture logging
  • Website logging
  • Email monitoring
  • Events recording (memo and calendar)
  • Cell site tracking
  • Blackberry bugging (listen to the surroundings of the mobile)

From looking at the list of attributes it can easily be understood why this Blackberry spy can easily give you a good indication of the person you wish to monitor. The fact that it can monitor Blackberry messenger and so much other instant messenger chat almost guarantees you would know what is happening with the person you are tracking. This is because people typically use various messaging services and Mobile spy covers virtually all of them in one convenient package. As a result it is more effective than depending on text messages and bbm chat alone like other programs do.

The great part of using this free Blackberry spy app is that if you realise you are not getting the full benefit you desire then you can choose not to purchase. Another benefit is that if you have acquired all the information you require within the trial period you will not be obligated to purchase the product which means you discovered the truth for free! However, if you would like to continue with the service then you will have to pay a minimum of $49.97USD for the subscription. If you decide to go with the annual subscription then Sniperspy will be included in the package for free.

Sniperspy allow you to monitor the person’s personal computer or laptop. Therefore in addition to having a great Blackberry monitoring program you will also have a computer surveillance app. If you would like to take this product for a full test drive then


Spyera Reviews – All you should know before purchasing this product

Spyera is the most advance cell phone keylogger on the market today. This is based on its supercharged features, reputation and great system core stability. It has been in the business of developing phone spy applications for over ten years which makes it one of oldest companies in this particular market. During this time Spyera’s engineering team has ensured that this product remained one of the leaders in the development of new phone spy features and also phone compatibility (e.g. Spyera was the first Blackberry spy app to work on O/S 7). Basically if you would like to monitor virtually any cell phone in any location in the world then Spyera is the way to go.

Spyera Reviews:  Who uses this product?

Virtually anyone who has suspicions that their employee stealing or children are being led astray can use Spyera. There are other phone surveillance apps on the market but what makes this one different is the fact that you will be able to intercept live phone calls. This mean that you will hear every single nitty gritty detail in the call without the participants knowing.  If you combine this function with the other features of this product, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt if that person is guilty of any wrong doings. Intercepting other communications are great but it is nothing better than listening in to a cell phone conversation. After you discover what you were looking for you will be able to take appropriate action.

How does Spyera work?

To use this product is quite simple you just need to register at the main website and at that time you will be given a unique user name and password to your own personal profile. This profile is secure and is used to display all the information gathered by the monitoring software. Your next task  will be to download and configure Spyera onto the target phone. This usually takes less than ten minutes. After the installation, the mobile phone activities will then be recorded and sent to you for review. If you need to listen into a phone conversation you will just have to dial into the target phone during the call and you will be added to the conversation. Don't worry you will be notified via sms message that the call is in place.


The features which you will get with Spyera depends on the version you want to purchase. If you want maximum phone surveillance functions you will need to choose Spyera Gold. In choosing this version you will get all of the following features:

  • Spy phone calling - This is the ability to call the phone and listen to the surroundings of the phone. Therefore if the person is in traffic you will hear horns blowing etc and you will confirm what they are up to.
  • Call Interception- Listen in on a live phone conversation
  • An email copy of the log
  • Gps tracking 
  • Email Logging
  • Text message or sms spying
  • Phone contact
  • Remote uninstall
  • Blackberry messenger spying
  • SIM Change Notification
  • Whatsapp monitoring
  • Spy camera (new feature which allow you to take a photo with the camera secretly)
  • Sound recordings (listen to any audio file created on the mobile)
  • Remote control

How to purchase or get additional information?

If you would like to find out more about Spyera or you would like to purchase this product then .                                  .

Price: Starts at$289.00 USD


Blackberry spy software – How to discover the truth about your love ones

blackberry spyIf you are worried about some situation in your life then Blackberry spy software maybe able to help you achieve your goal of getting a piece of mind about everything. If you believe your boyfriend or girlfriend is unfaithful or your employee is stealing from your company you can find out easily by using Blackberry spy software to keep an eye on them without them knowing. It may seem like an invasion of privacy however you will have to weigh the pros and the cons of the situation. Take for example infidelity in a relationship can literally be detrimental to your health due to diseases that are out there. Is it worth getting an incurable disease because you couldn't make the decision to find out what is really going on? If you are someone who is a bit uptight when it comes to money consider which is the cheaper route? The rule usually hold fast that prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you are looking for a Blackberry spy app there are actually a few things which you really need to take in consideration before your purchase. For starters if you really want to monitor this particular smart you need to acquire one which has a Blackberry messenger spy included with it. Let's face it, bbm has replaced text messages for sometime now and if the person is using the bbm service exclusively it make sense that you will have the ability to intercept Blackberry messenger chat with the program you have purchased. Currently on the market there are two Blackberry spy software which can provide this feature and other advanced features as well. Out of the two the most popular is Mobistealth. This is because it has a better price starting at $39.99USD and also has the same functions as its competitor.

It most popular functions includes:

  • Gps tracking
  • Picture logging
  • bbm spying
  • Revese phone lookup
  • Call logging
  • Spy phone call / Recordings of surroundings
  • Email Logging

As you may have noticed with this Blackberry spy software the only thing which is not on the list is the ability to listen to an actual phone conversation. If you would like to find more about this application then .

If you would like to listen into phone calls then you need to use Flexispy Prox. It is another popular Blackberry spy app used extensively in the surveillance industry. It also contains similar features to Mobistealth as well. If you would like more information about Flexisy then .



Flexispy Reviews – Is a scam or the real deal? Find out if this Blackberry Messenger spy app can really deliver

flexispy prox
Since reviewing cell phone spy products like Flexispy you realize the first question people tend to ask about these surveillance applications is whether it is scam or the real deal. Let's face it now is not the time for you to be wasting your hard earn money in a product which does not work as it suppose to. The great thing about Flexispy is that it does not just work but also will surpass your expectations. It is actually the most popular application used by surveillance companies around the world today. This is mainly because of its reliability as well as its advanced features. Let’s take a brief look at this app in action as described on Foxla news.

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You probably from realise the clip above that there is plenty of information you can obtain by using Flexispy.It just takes a few minutes to install onto the smart phone and all the surveillance functions will be available at your finger tips. This mobile surveillance app does not only has the basic functions such as call logging but the more advanced ones such as call interception (listen to cell phone calls) and spy phone calling (listen to the surroundings of the mobile). By using these powerful features you will be guaranteed to know what is going on with the user of the mobile. Therefore you will eventually determine if your spouse is cheating; children are using drugs or if your employee is stealing. It is a matter of waiting to see what actually pops up.

Flexispy Reviews: What are all the functions you will get with this program?

If you are looking to purchase Flexispy then you will have an option of three versions which are Lite, Pro and Pro-x. This is where Lite has the least amount of functions and Pro-x the most. The more mobile phone monitoring you would like then the more you will have to pay. Although we touched on a number of features above we will give you an official list of all of them so you will see what you will know what you will be getting:

Cell phone tracking: This uses cell phone tower ids to give you an indication of where the phone is within a hundred feet. It is not as accurate as gps tracking however it will work on any phone until gps tracking which needs a chip installed.

Call Logging: see every single called made and received by the cellular including times and dates.

Text message spying: Read every single message sent and received by the phone without the person knowing.

Blackberry messenger spying: Similar to text message spying in which you will be able to read every single bbm chat. This is an essential feature since Blackberry messenger has literally replaced text messaging.

Gps tracking: A very powerful attribute of Flexsipy in which you will know the location of the person within a few feet of their location. Therefore if your boyfriend or girlfriend are not at work when they say they are you will know.

Cell phone tapping: As seen earlier this gives you the power to listen into a cell phone call without the user of the phone noticing.

Spy phone calling: This is the ability to listen in on the surroundings of the mobile.

Sim phone change notification: With this feature if the person uses two numbers to hide their actions you will automatically know as soon as the sim card is changed to a new number.

Flexispy review: Price and Support

If you have any queries or questions about this mobile spy product then you can get immediate help through their live chat customer support service. This may be before you purchase and after you purchase Flexispy. This is a lot better than the others out there in which you have to submit an e-ticket and wait. Sometimes it may take days to even get a response. If you would like more information about this product or would like to chat with a customer service rep then

Price range: $149.99USD to $324.99 USD depending on which version is chosen.