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Flexispy Reviews – Is a scam or the real deal? Find out if this Blackberry Messenger spy app can really deliver

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Since reviewing cell phone spy products like Flexispy you realize the first question people tend to ask about these surveillance applications is whether it is scam or the real deal. Let's face it now is not the time for you to be wasting your hard earn money in a product which does not work as it suppose to. The great thing about Flexispy is that it does not just work but also will surpass your expectations. It is actually the most popular application used by surveillance companies around the world today. This is mainly because of its reliability as well as its advanced features. Let’s take a brief look at this app in action as described on Foxla news.

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You probably from realise the clip above that there is plenty of information you can obtain by using Flexispy.It just takes a few minutes to install onto the smart phone and all the surveillance functions will be available at your finger tips. This mobile surveillance app does not only has the basic functions such as call logging but the more advanced ones such as call interception (listen to cell phone calls) and spy phone calling (listen to the surroundings of the mobile). By using these powerful features you will be guaranteed to know what is going on with the user of the mobile. Therefore you will eventually determine if your spouse is cheating; children are using drugs or if your employee is stealing. It is a matter of waiting to see what actually pops up.

Flexispy Reviews: What are all the functions you will get with this program?

If you are looking to purchase Flexispy then you will have an option of three versions which are Lite, Pro and Pro-x. This is where Lite has the least amount of functions and Pro-x the most. The more mobile phone monitoring you would like then the more you will have to pay. Although we touched on a number of features above we will give you an official list of all of them so you will see what you will know what you will be getting:

Cell phone tracking: This uses cell phone tower ids to give you an indication of where the phone is within a hundred feet. It is not as accurate as gps tracking however it will work on any phone until gps tracking which needs a chip installed.

Call Logging: see every single called made and received by the cellular including times and dates.

Text message spying: Read every single message sent and received by the phone without the person knowing.

Blackberry messenger spying: Similar to text message spying in which you will be able to read every single bbm chat. This is an essential feature since Blackberry messenger has literally replaced text messaging.

Gps tracking: A very powerful attribute of Flexsipy in which you will know the location of the person within a few feet of their location. Therefore if your boyfriend or girlfriend are not at work when they say they are you will know.

Cell phone tapping: As seen earlier this gives you the power to listen into a cell phone call without the user of the phone noticing.

Spy phone calling: This is the ability to listen in on the surroundings of the mobile.

Sim phone change notification: With this feature if the person uses two numbers to hide their actions you will automatically know as soon as the sim card is changed to a new number.

Flexispy review: Price and Support

If you have any queries or questions about this mobile spy product then you can get immediate help through their live chat customer support service. This may be before you purchase and after you purchase Flexispy. This is a lot better than the others out there in which you have to submit an e-ticket and wait. Sometimes it may take days to even get a response. If you would like more information about this product or would like to chat with a customer service rep then

Price range: $149.99USD to $324.99 USD depending on which version is chosen.