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How to spy on Blackberry messenger to protect your love ones?

blackberry surveillanceSpying on Blackberry messenger isn't as complex as people may believe. You only need to purchase the right Blackberry surveillance program and then you are ready to go. In fact bbm spy apps have been readily available for download since 2009. It is just that the programs are not promoted intensely so you may never learn about their existence through your regular browsing. The great thing about these programs is that from the time you buy them you will get immediate access to download the product. The only thing which you have to do next would be to gain access to the smart phone to download the app through the internet browser and setup. Within a few minutes it is possible to spy on Blackberry messenger and see every single chat on the phone. This is even if the conversation was erased.

All of the monitored Blackberry messenger chat logs will be available to you via the software's main server website. You will just need to log on with your user name and password and everything will be there for you. Therefore it is possible spy on bbm chat from virtually anywhere and anytime providing you have access to the internet. In other words you will never have to touch that phone again or be in the same country to know what is going on with that particular phone user.

Another great thing about this software is that you will not only be able to do intercept bbm. Typically you will get additional functions such as the ability to monitor text messages, phones call history, gps tracking etc. Therefore; with a combination of features you will virtually get a holistic view of what is going on with the user of the phone. For example; you will know what the person is talking about via bbm and also where they are located through the gps tracking feature. The more you can find out the closer you will be to the truth you seek.

On the market today there are two main Blackberry Messenger spy software. Mobistealth currently is rated number one between them. It has been on the market for sometime and has gained quite a reputation for the number of features and also pricing structure. Basically its price varies to suit different person's pocket. The price ranges between $39.99 to $149.99USD but be aware that only the Pro version allow you to monitor Blackberry messenger. The most popular features offered by this product are gps tracking; call logging; spy phone calling (listen into the environment of the phone); video and call logging and more. As you can see quite a bit of information will be revealed about the user of the phone.

If you would like to find out more information or even purchase this product  .


The software which takes second place is Stealthgenie. It has similar features to Mobistealth Blackberry keylogger and more which makes it even more appealing. The additional features carried by this program which its competitor does not have are remote control of the device (e.g. lock, unlock, stop stealthgenie etc); sim change notifications; BB pin message monitoring; keyword trigger (notified when a particular word is used in communications) and data backup of the system. In all these functions are very appealing to some individuals and can add additional details about the person you are keeping tabs on. The price as you can imagine is a bit more, ranging from $89.99 to $159.99USD. You must take note that when you are purchasing this product only Stealthgenie gold allows spying on Blackberry messenger.

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Blackberry Messenger spy software | What are the best apps to spy on bbm?

blackberry messenger spyWhen you are ready to pick a Blackberry messenger spy application you only have a few options. The choice lies with two applications which are Mobistealth and Stealthgenie. In terms of monitoring Blackberry messenger both of these are on par with each other. However with any surveillance application you will not be limited to one particular feature. Therefore although your primary purpose of purchasing this software is to spy on bbm you will get additional features in the package. These functions include call interception; sms monitoring and more. Overall these add-ons do assist with you achieving your goal which is to determine the truth about the user of the phone.

You must remember the more features you would like with your Blackberry messenger spy the more you have to pay generally. In comparing the two programs Mobistealth pro wins in terms of features and price. Stealthgenie Blackberry keylogger however have one coveted features which is call interception and that is the ability to listen in to cell phone conversation. This is considered a premium feature in which you cannot miss out on anything. However premium features will cost you more. The best advice when choosing a bbm spy application is to choose one which you think will get the job done. After all the cost you will pay comparison to not knowing the truth is small. For example if your spouse is cheating you may eventually get an incurable disease so think about how much that may cost you in the long run.

Blackberry messenger spy software reviews

Below is an overview of each application and also major features.

1# Mobistealth Pro is currently the most popular software when spying on Blackberry messenger. It comes in three different versions which are Lit, Pro and Prox.

Major Features: call recording, gps tracking, reverse phone lookup service, photo logging, text message and email monitoring, contact details (see all contacts and corresponding numbers) and spy phone calling (this is the ability to listen to the surroundings of the phone for example lunch room chats etc)

Price range: $39.99 to $149.99USD with a ten day warranty (note Lite version has no bbm spy)

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2# Stealthgenie is the next best Blackberry messenger spy app. It has more features than Mobistealth but because of that you it would cost a bit more otherwise these two would be on par. The different in choice depends on your situation and the little extra bucks may be worth it by far.

Major Features: call recording, blackberry gps tracking; text message and email logging; spy phone calling; remote control functionality (lock, unlock and wipe) via sms messages; listen to music; photo logging; video capturing; blackberry pin monitoring and sim change notifications .

Price range: $89.99 to $159.99USD (only the Gold version offers the ability to monitor bbm)

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Mobistealth Review – Best Blackberry messenger spy, gps tracker, surveillance and more software

mobistealth blackberry messenger spyMobistealth is the number one Blackberry messenger spy software in the industry today. Although its primary purpose is spying on bbm it can do quite a bit more since it is a Blackberry surveillance app. Functions such as call logging and sms interception is also part of the package when you purchase this program. The other good thing about this monitoring technology is that it is simple to use. You do not have to be a technical person since virtually anyone can use it. The key is getting at least 5 minutes with the cell phone in question and that is all it will take. Your job for those few minutes will be to download and configure Mobistealth on the smart phone so you can have access to all the phone activities.

After the install you will need to log on to the main web server (website) with you unique user name and password to view all of the chat records. Spying on Blackberry messenger or any other activity has never been simpler. Since you receive your information via the internet you will always have access to it providing you have internet access. This means you can even check your spouse’s communications and location on your cell phone when you are on the go. You will also be up to date when you are out of town as well.

Mobistealth Reviews: Features and options

When reviewing Mobistealth or any other Blackberry surveillance software you definitely need to look closely at the features to see how well they can help you together the pieces. The more functions you have the better you will be at putting the pieces of the puzzle together. This software is actually available in two packages which is a Lite (basic) and also pro (advance). The cost ranges from between $39.99USD and $149.99USD depending on the options you choose.

Below is a list of features starting with Mobistealth Lite:

  • Appointment/calendar recording: You will be able to review each appointment and special occasion in the person’s phone
  • Reverse phone look up: This service tells you the true owner of any cell phone number therefore if it suppose to be Jim and it is actually Bill (ex boyfriend) you will know without having to call.
  • Call logging: a record of every single call made and received is kept.
  • Sms interception: secretly read every single text message sent and received by the smart phone
  • Blackberry gps tracking: One of the most popular features which allows you to see the actual location of the phone on a google map. Therefore if your child is skipping school, or your spouse is not at work you will know. Take a look below at a map with the marker indicating the exact position.

blackberry tracker

Mobistealth Pro (additional features which includes the functions in Lite)

  • Blackberry messenger spying: This service allows you to monitor bbm and save it in a log
  • Spy phone call: This feature turns on the phone so you can hear the surroundings of the mobile. This means any lunch time gossip etc would be heard without the user knowing.
  • Email logging: you will be able to read every single email sent or received
  • Photo logging: Any picture taken or received by the smart phone is going to be sent to you for your viewing.

As you may recognize with this software there is virtually nothing which can escape you. This is why Mobistealth pro is considered the most powerful Blackberry monitoring app. If you would like to purchase or find out more information about Mobistealth then

blackberry monitoring software


bbm spy software – What is top apps to monitor Blackberry messenger?

bbm monitoringThere are quite a few Blackberry surveillance apps around on the internet however; few can actually spy on bbm. The importance of monitoring the Blackberry messenger service should never be underestimated because this technology is actually replacing text messaging. Therefore bbm spy software is usually preferred over a text message spy app when it comes to keeping an eye on a Blackberry phone. It may cost a bit more but it does not make any sense purchasing a program which can’t give you the results that you desire. After all, what is an extra few bucks when compared to knowing the truth of your situation?

When it comes to the choice of spy software there are only two on the market today. The first choice most people would usually go for is called Mobistealth Pro. It is the primary bbm spy software choice because it comes with a load of features as well as a number of payment options. This makes it affordable as well as effective in the majority of situations out there. It features which includes:

  • Text messages monitoring
  • Call logging
  • Cell phone gps tracking
  • Reverse phone number lookup
  • Appointment recording
  • Contact details
  • Website tracking
  • Picture capturing
  • Email interception
  • Spy phone call (the ability to listening to the surroundings of the Blackberry)

As you can see Mobistealth contains a number of functions and with them you really will be able to find out what ever is going on with the person you are concerned about. This is not from just monitoring Blackberry messenger but by using all of the features together to get the big picture. If you decide to use Mobistealth you will have a choice of a Lite version without the bbm spying or a pro. The price range starts at $39.99usd and can go as his as $149.99USD depending on the package as well as the subscription chosen. If you want to find out more about this Blackberry messenger spy app then

flexispy prox

If you want to take things a bit further then you can by using Flexispy Pro-X. It contains similar features to the Pro package mentioned earlier however it can also tap the Blackberry. If this is unfamiliar to you it means you will be able to listen into a phone conversation. It is premium app and also command the price however if these additional features will help you discover what is going on then go for it.

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Mobile phone tracker software – How to track your child cell phone without them knowing

child phone tracker

Do you want to know where your child is at all the times? Does he or she has a smart phone? Then you have no problem because there is child cell phone tracking software available right now to tell you their whereabouts. These mobile monitoring programs utilise the gps coordinates of the device to pin point its exact location. By using this technology you would be able to put to rest many concerns that you may have as a parent. For example whether he or she is actually at school or the mall where you dropped them off.

An added bonus to this equation is the fact that you would not only be able to track your child's cell phone. This technology allow you to do much more such as read your child's text message, viber messenger conversations, facebook chat etc. It is an all in one solution and depending on the level of surveillance you wish it may cost you from just 50 bucks to a few hundred.

What requirements must be met to implement mobile phone tracker software?

The most important requirement necessary would be a smart phone with a working gps locator built into it. Most devices do come with the locator however; if your child's does not then you could either forget about using this technology or get him a mobile which would work. Then you would have to look for a cell phone tracking app that is compatible with the particular mobile. When you have those two things ready it is then time to start monitoring your kid's whereabouts.

Which app should I even consider?

One of the top mobile monitoring apps is known as Mobistealth. It will definitely assist in you monitoring your child mobile phone location. It also offer the ability to spy on Blackberry messenger, whatsapp messenger, emails, pictures  and videos taken, and more. Mobistealth works on all smart phone types including Blackberry, Android, Windows mobile, Symbian and iphone. The price for this app starts at just 40 dollars and you can immediate start tracking your kid's cell phone as soon as you sign up for a subscription.

In order to view more on this particular program to accessvisit its official website.


Top text message spy programs – How to read your kid’s text messages remotely?

spy on text messagesCell phones are now becoming part of everyone's life and you are seeing more kids today possessing their own smart device. It works as a double edge sword in which it can help you keep in touch with them especially in the case of emergencies but it can also help them plan and scheme better. Many parents today are now mitigating the negative effects of a mobile by reading their kid's text messages and other communications secretly. This opens a door into their youngster's life which they would not be available otherwise. You would now know the in and outs and can be better able to deal with what is occurring.

What is the best way to monitor my kid's text messages?

You do not have to worry about going through your child's cell phone anymore because text message spy programs are now readily available on the web. These special apps can be downloaded onto the mobile in a few minutes and when they are up and running will give you the relevant information you are looking for.  This is not only with respect to text messages but other communications. Many of the products available now allow you to read whatsapp messages, bbm, yahoo messenger, imessages and other important transmissions.

The software is totally hidden so he or she would never know that you are monitoring their sms messages. Also, if your child decide to delete any texts to hide information from you, that would not matter because the app would have already capture it. It may cost you a little but when you think about the benefit there is nothing which can compare.

What software can I use?

When it comes to reading your kid's text messages Spymasterpro is definitely one of the best programs available to do so. It comes in both a Basic and Pro version. The Basic version of this app allow the user to spy on text messages, emails, photos, contact details, websites visited and the location of the mobile. This is for just $49.99USD. If you decide to go with the pro version then you would also be able to monitor whatsapp chat, viber messages, phone conversations and the environment of the cell phone. This would add another 35 bucks to the total cost but when

you look at what you are getting then there is definitely no need to complain.

In order to visit the Spymasterpro website you can access.The software is available for instant download so that you can start to read your kid's text messages within a matter of minutes.


Top whatsapp tracker apps – A list of the best programs to track Whatsapp messages on a smart phone?

If you are looking for a whatsapp tracker program then you need to look no further because we will be evaluating the three top programs on the market today. If you are not as familiar with this technology well it is quite simple. You install the spy program onto the mobile device you wish to monitor and it starts to capture the activities it is designed for. Typically we are looking at multiple functions in which it could track whatsapp messages, phone call details, emails etc. The details can then be sent to the user either to their email address or a special surveillance account set up by the software online.

It doesn't matter how the details are delivered, the point is that the information is readily accessible to you. Since everything is done on the web it means you can track the person's activities at anytime of the day providing you have the ability to get onto the internet.

What are the top programs to spy on whatsapp chat?

Alright this is the time that you have been looking for because now we will discuss the best programs available to keep watch of this messenger service which are SpymasterPro and Mobile Spy. Both can be used to monitor whatsapp messages however; each differ by their extra functionality offered and price. Your final decision would depend on what you think is essential for your surveillance and also your budget.

Most persons tend to go for Spymaster pro because it could be used to listen in on mobile phone conversations. When you combine this function with the ability to track whatsapp chat  you would easily know what the person is doing when you are not around. This is not offered by its competitor presently.


1# Spymasterpro:

Features: The power to intercept text messages,  whatsapp messages, facebook chat, viber messenger conversations, mobile position, email, website, phone book, websites visited and photos taken. It also has two of the most robust features which allow you to listen in on phone conversations (also known as cell phone tapping) and also the environment.

Price: Starts at $49.95USD but you would need the Pro version which sells for $84.95USD

Where to buy: access

interceptor for whatsapps messenger

2# Mobile spy

Features: The capability to spy on whatsapp chat, sms messages, facebook chat, websites visited, contact details, yahoo messenger, windows live messenger, youtube, photo, videos, imessages, blackberry messenger, calendar events, environment. Mobile spy allow its users to monitor up to three devices which could be either a smart phone or tablet.

Price: From $49.95USD

Where to buy: access

From looking at these two whatsapp tracker programs it is easy to see the appeal between one or the other depending on the particular situation you are in.


How to intercept whatsapp chat of any smart phone by using surveillance software?

mobile spy whatsapp interceptor

If you are here then you want to know the best way to intercept Whatsapp messages of a particular smart phone. It does not matter if you want to monitor your child's or employee's whatsapp conversations. The point is that you want to do so without them having a clue about what you are up to. Well, there are two approaches you could take to this problem and either could work. The first approach is to look through the person's mobile phone during an opportune time and the second one is to install a whatsapp spy app onto the device in question.

The first method has a few flaws on its own. For example, it might not be easy to acquire the cell phone at all times. This may result in you getting little information or old information in which you cannot act on swiftly. Another issue is that the person may be deleting any conversations which might get them into trouble. Therefore; you may never know that he or she is up to something screwy. As a result your best bet to read someone's whatsapp chat is to use a spy app. These programs are installed onto the device and records the conversations remotely. In terms of access there is no issue because this is done only once when you install and configure the application. After that it is only a matter of going to your online account to view what the person has been up to and also what has been intercepted.

A good whatsapp spy app operates in complete stealth so that the user is unaware of what is happening. In addition if he or she deletes any chat it does not matter because that chat would have been captured already. The only down side to using software to monitor whatsapp conversations lie in the fact that it would cost you but the results is definitely worth it.

So what is the best whatsapp monitoring software out there?


Well in the realm of this technology you are looking at either using SpymasterPro or Mobile spy. Each has its own benefit and it is really dependent on what the person is looking for in this type of program. SpymasterPro does not only allow you to intercept whatsapp messages but you would also be able to monitor text messages, facebook chat, viber messenger,  phone calls, the mobile location, emails, contact information, websites visited and photos taken. In addition you would be able to listen in on the cell phone conversations and its surroundings. The cost starts at $49.95 for the basic and increases to $84.90USD for the Pro. The Pro version is what you would like because it carries the level of surveillance required. If you would like to learn more about Spymasterpro or even purchase this app then access.

mobile spy cell phone spy

The next app which is used to spy on whatsapp messenger is a veteran in the cell phone surveillance field. The company which created Mobile spy Retinax Studios has been in the surveillance industry since 2003 and is famous for creating software to monitor smart phones, tablets and PC. Mobile spy actually carries more functions than Spymasterpro its competitor. It cannot be used to listen in on a phone call but it carries the majority of its competitor's functions including extras like the ability to monitor imessages, Yahoo messenger, Windows live, AOL,Blackberry messenger, twitter, videos, youtube videos watched, tasks made and more. In addition to that you would be eligible to acquire Sniperspy which is a popular cell phone monitoring program for free with the annual subscription. For more details on intercepting whatsapp messages and more with Mobile spy simply access


Blackberry text message spy software

Blackberry spywareIf you need to spy on Blackberry text messages that is no problem. You will just need to acquire a good text message interceptor program and you will be good to go. Although Blackberry text message spy software have been around for sometimes, it has only recently been making its way into main stream. The demand literally exploded because people are discovering how handy these types of apps really are. After all if you are curious about what your boyfriend is sending his female friends or why he is smiling so much when he receives certain sms messages you will be able to know.

It may seem like a total invasion of privacy and at to some extent it is however, when you consider the benefits of knowing what is going on to not knowing usually that tip the scale to pry and snoop. Spying on Blackberry text messages usually bring good results because people tend to send confidential and incriminating information via sms messages. Sometimes you can get the answers you are looking for literally within minutes of installing the app.

Another good thing about using a Blackberry text message spy is that it does not come with just one particular function. Typically these Blackberry surveillance apps come with other features such as Blackberry messenger spying, gps tracking, call logging and more. It really depends on the features you wish to employ and obviously the more features you want the higher the cost will be. You can even tap the Blackberry you are monitoring and listen into the phone conversations.

If you are looking for a good Blackberry text message spy then it is recommended to use Mobistealth Lite. It is a nice small app which starts at $39.99USD and can monitor Blackberry text messages and other communications. Its features include blackberry tracking, email logging, call logging, url recording and more. If you discover you would like even more features then you can upgrade to Mobistealth Pro in which you can monitor bbm chat and use the phone as a bug to listen in on the mobile surroundings.
If you are interested in finding out more about using Mobistealth then


Blackberry keylogger- Learn to monitor Blackberry messenger chats, emails and text messages secretly

Blackberry spy softwareThe reason why Blackberry keylogger software is so popular today is because it tells you the unbiased truth. Let’s face it if you are a concerned boyfriend or girlfriend or even parent, where else will you get honest answers? If someone is being unfaithful to you then confronting them usually results in a lie being told to you. The person may also make it seem that you are the bad guy in the situation even when they are doing the dirty deed. As a parent you may be concerned about whether your child’s friends are really good influences. This is where key logger software comes into play whether for Blackberry or any other type of smartphone.

A Blackberry keylogger is a spy or surveillance application in which you can capture virtually any communication sent or received by that smart phone. The features can be as simple or as advanced as you would like, however the cost will increase typically as the functions do. When you are choosing an application you should ensure it has the ability to intercept Blackberry messenger chats. This is because bbm is currently the main mode of talk with person's with Blackberry phones. If you purchase a product lacking this feature then chances are you will miss out on a lot of important information and details.

How does a Blackberry keylogger work?

Like any key logger application everything starts with actually signing up for the product. The next step will usually be to create your unique user account in which you can log on to. This area will contain all the information details gathered from your cell phone surveillance. After your profile is set up you will then have to install the spy software onto the phone you wish to monitor. Typically, most Blackberry keyloggers usually take approximately ten minutes to download and setup. After that you won’t have to wonder why the individual is being so secretive with their phone because you will know exactly what is going on.

What are the best Blackberry key loggers currently?

Well currently there are two recommended programs on the market today however the most popular Mobistealth. You will discover when compared to Flexispy (the other product) it will give you the most bang for buck. This software comes in both a Lite and Pro version. The lite option has the basic functions while the Pro will have the more powerful features such as intercepting Blackberry messenger. Depending on the version and subscription you choose you will have to pay from as little as $39.99 USD and up.

Below is a list of features of this Blackberry keylogger :

  • Blackberry gps tracking: This feature will allow you to know every single location of the phone you are monitoring. For example if your children are really at school you will know because of this feature.
  • Spy phone calling:  This is the ability to listen into the surroundings of the phone.
  • Sms or text message spying: Intercept every sms message and read without the user knowing.
  • Email logging
  • Picture Logging
  • Blackberry messenger spying:
  • Reverse phone look up
  • Phone contacts details


As you may realise there is not no stone unturned if you were to use this software. If you would like to purchase or get additional information on Mobistealth then .

If you would like to take your surveillance a bit further you can also tap the Blackberry phone. This is where Flexispy comes into play. It has similar features to its revival however you have the ability to listen to live calls. It will cost you more but if this is the best way for you to get your information then go for it.

If you are interested in finding out more about this Blackberry keylogger then


How to track your cheating spouse cell phone?

Do you need to track your cheating spouse cell phone? Do you suspect your wife or husband is going somewhere during the day or night to meet up with a lover? Then installing cell phone tracking software on their mobile will definitely give you the information you need. Today infidelity is becoming popular and it is to the point where people are becoming experts at doing it. For the person who has suspicions that their spouse is cheating on them it is really difficult because they do not know what to believe. By tracking your spouse cell phone it is possible to determine whether they are being honest with you or are lying.

A typical scenario you are faced with is when your partner is going out with friends. Many people use their friends for cover or an alibi in terms of infidelity especially among males who would have a strong bond. It is basically you scratch my back and when it is your turn I scratch yours scenario. Initially they may meet up with the friends to at least bring some truth to the story, however later that night they will pair off with the person that they are having an affair with. This is when the tracking your spouse cell phone comes into play because where ever they go you will know.

Therefore if they were to be at point A and the cell phone tracking software say that they are at point B then you will know that they are lying to you. Matter a fact gps tracking is so precise that you can even go to the place where they are and confront them. If you would like to start tracking your cheating spouse cell phone then you would need a cell phone tracker app. These apps are installed onto your spouse's mobile phone and sends you data on their exact gps coordinates. This is later converted to a map form in which you will see every single detail. This includes street names, places of interest and roads.

If you are looking for an app to track your spouse location then Mobistealth is definitely a good choice it is small and compact and most of all it is relatively inexpensive. For just $39.99USD you will be able to not only track their cell phones but also monitor their text messages, calls made to and from the phone, emails sent and received and more.

If you would like to find out more information about Mobistealth